110 days.

110 days until I walk across the stage and earn my bachelors degree.

I proud of the things that I’ve been able to accomplish and I’m extremely proud of the way I have pushed myself to live outside of my comfort zone. I’ve jumped at opportunities and experiences that three years ago I would have ran away from. I’ve made some incredible friends, met incredible people through work and school, but I’ve also had to learn the hard way how to discern the real friends from the fake ones.


It’s a six letter word that carries the weight of the world in it. In this case, I think the word is too strong to apply here because I don’t regret the choices I’ve made or the way that things have gone for me. If anything, I wish things had played out a little differently.

I had been so focused on growing up, so focused on reaching academic and professional success that I missed out on some of the college experience. I chose work over football games or nights out with the girls. I stayed in because I wanted to sleep before class in the morning and I missed out on the movie nights or the late night meals. I chose work over getting involved on campus.

So here I am, in my last semester of college. For the next 14 weeks, I plan to take advantage of the college lifestyle. I want to go to all the football games and all the concerts on campus. I want to volunteer for that leadership position or volunteer for that special event. I want to stay up late while I can and go out with my friends. I want to say yes to the spontaneous road trips before the real world catches up to me.

So, here’s to adventure.

Here’s to living life to the fullest.

Here’s to the greatest semester in college.




Written by Jazmyn Patterson

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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