1. I dare myself to try new things. Too often we get stuck in ruts and live our lives going through the same routines. Life is about experiences. 

2. Be independent. I already consider myself to be a pretty independent person, I think I handle myself pretty well but I challenge myself to still go on adventures to try new things even if I’m by myself. 

3. Not be afraid to love with my whole heart. One thing I absolutely hate is how guarded everyone is now a days. Emotions and feelings are a part of life, and yes. It sucks to get hurt, I know, trust me. But holding yourself back, hiding behind walls and silly games is just setting yourself up to get hurt even worse. 

4. In the same breath as goal 3, recognize who deserves my love and loyalty. I am the kind of person who will give the shirt off my back to someone I love. It’s a quality I am proud of, yet, I have to be able to realize who is deserving before I give away more pieces of myself than I have to offer. 

5. Spoil myself every once in a while. It’s okay to be selfish every once in a while, treat yo self. At the end of the day, I am responsible for the health and wellbeing of me and me alone. I shouldn’t feel guilty for impulse buying myself that cute dress or a new makeup palette. I promise not to feel guilty the day I eat chick fil a and binge watch netflix instead of going to the gym. 

6. Live life to the FULLEST. Yes, working and going to school are of the utmost importance to me, but I am only 20 years old. Some days I need to go out and be young and dumb. College is the greatest four year of my life, so I will say yes to the crazy adventures and the wild nights so I can look back in 10 years and say I was doing life right. 

7. Catch flights not feeling. This is my opportunity. My chance to travel the states, to travel the world while I have the chance, while I am string (and relatively responsibility) free. What’s the point of having a travel bucket list if I’m never brave enough to go anywhere. 

8. I vow to give 110% always. Whether I’m facing a challenge at work, studying for an exam, or working on a new project, I don’t want to do anything half-ass. I will always give my best effort. 

9. To be the bigger person. It’s easy to be petty and snarky when feelings have been  hurt, but I don’t want that kind of negativity in my life this year.

10. Roll with the punches, go with the flow. I’m definitely a Type A personality who loves to plan ahead and know what’s going to happen, but life isn’t always so cut and dry. I can’t plan for every aspect of my day, and when life throws me a surprise, I’ll be able to handle it. 

11. Don’t worry. Be happy. For the days that life throws me a surprise, the days that I can’t plan for, the times that life takes a turn, it’s okay. I’ll be okay. Worrying does nothing but cause undue stress. As much as I wish I could, I don’t have to power to control it all. So, instead, I’ll be happy. 

12. Never give up on myself. The good things in life will not be given to me for free. I have dreams and aspirations that will only become reality if I continuously fight for myself. 

13. Confidence is something that I’ve never had in spades. So this year, I’m going to be my own biggest cheerleader. The days that I have a great hair day, ace a test, or conquer a new fear, I’ll be there cheering myself on to take on the next adventure. Call me obnoxious or self-absorbed, but if I’m having a cute day, best believe a bomb selfie will be coming soon. 

14. Take more pictures, create more memories. When I’m having a bad day or I’m feeling a little down for whatever reason, I go through all the pictures on my phone. I look back at the great times I’ve had with my friends and family. I remember the laughs we shared and the memories that were created. Pictures freeze a moment in time and looking back and them takes me back to that moment, to that moment of joy. While I never want to be that person who’s stuck on her phone and not enjoying the company of those around me, I definitely want to take more pictures to be able to capture those moments and those feelings for a rainy day. 

15. Write more often. When I started this blog a few months ago, I had no idea what to expect. I honestly didn’t think anyone would read it, I didn’t know if I even had anything to say. In these last few months, I have come to love the time I spend working on this site. This blog has become my creative outlet, my chance to let things off my chest, something for me to look back on in a few years and remember the greatest time of my life. 

16. It’s okay to be scared, but be brave. We all get nervous and scared, but it’s better to have said what you thought or did what you though was right than to always wonder what if. Aim to live your life with no regrets, because even if things don’t work out the way you hoped, you will have learned a lesson for the future. 

17. Be A Boss Ass Bitch. No matter what I do this year, what challenges I take on, what hardships I may face, I want to do it with a fierce attitude and a feeling of confidence that not only can I do it, but I’m going to kick ass while I’m at it. 


Written by Jazmyn Patterson

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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