Once every four years, the world comes together in a beautiful display of diversity and unity. Once every four years we put aside our differences and the horrors of the world for the Summer Olympics.

The Olympics games are so much more than just a race or a game. The Olympics are a prime example of the power of sport. The Olympics are a chance for the greatest athletes in the world to represent their countries. These athletes come from all walks of life, each of their stories unique in their own way. Each and everyone of them have fought their own battles to reach this stage.

Competing for an Olympic medal is so much more than just a win or a loss, it’s a chance for these athletes to showcase their national pride and love for their nation. These athletes are able to represent their nation while competing in the sport that they have dedicated their lives to. If successful, they are able to stand proudly while listening to their nation’s anthem knowing that they alone are responsible for bringing this great honor back home.

The Olympics are a chance to showcase the beauty of a country and a culture. It’s a chance to bring light to the struggles of a country but also everything that makes it great. Brazil is a beautiful nation that isn’t without its struggles, by hosting the Olympics that are ale to have a voice on a national stage. One of the goals of the creative directors behind this year’s opening ceremonies is to highlight the social issue of Global Warming and how it affects climates all across the globe. They address the issues of police brutality and negligence, a social issue that has become a larger topic of discussion here in the states. But they also highlight the rich and long history of the culture here in Brazil from the indigenous societies to the bright colors and upbeat music from the annual Carnival in Rio.

The Olympics are a once in a lifetime experience that create memories that a person will never forget. The Olympics are the ultimate stage not only for the athletes, but their families and friends, and the fans as well.

For me, the Olympics are the ultimate goal, personally and professionally.

Personally, I live for the summers when the Olympics come around once more. I get goosebumps watching the Opening Ceremonies and I become personally invested in watching the various events and cheering on the mean and women donning red, white, and blue. To be able to witness the games in person is something I can only dream of, but an item on my bucket list to see at least once in this lifetime.

Professionally, to have the opportunity to help plan such an iconic event would be the pinnacle of my career. The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world and the teams who spend countless hours and an immeasurable amount of effort planning it are the people who inspire me. Planning the Olympics would be a terrifying challenge, but a challenge I would be willing to take on.

The Olympics show that your dreams can come true if you work hard enough. Nothing is impossible.



Written by Jazmyn Patterson

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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